The Attributes of a Super-Efficient Refrigerated Delivery Systems

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The key to succeeding in the modern retail space is taking advantage of economies of scale. If you can move high volumes of products, you have a better chance of breaking even and maximising profits. For many retailers, this means diversifying the product range to include things people need regularly like fresh vegetables and fruits. The catch here is to deliver such products when they are fresh and consumer-friendly. Many businesses will have a hard time achieving this, especially when they cannot find the right equipment to transport their products appropriately. Read the following piece to understand what you need for an efficient refrigerated delivery system:  

Temperature and Climate Control

Temperature regulation is the most important metric for anyone who wants to take on refrigerated deliveries. It would help to have a temperature-controlled environment where you can keep things predictable for your products. In a temperature-controlled transport facility, the temperature remains within a specific range. For example, you can set a minimum of two degrees Celsius and a maximum of five degrees Celsius to keep the perishable products in good condition. 

Climate control will also come up when you think about a transport vessel with temperature control. If the items are in transit for a long time, you must worry about external weather elements that will affect your products. They include heat, moisture and mould. You can ensure that your storage environment doesn't fluctuate in temperature and humidity through:

  • Proper insulation of the storage compartment using robust rubber lining around openings. Good quality insulation foam is also necessary for walls and other panels. 
  • Proper layout of the storage compartments to keep products from crowding together and accumulating heat. 

Hyperlocalised Delivery Strategy

You can also make the most of your refrigerated delivery trucks by adopting a hyperlocal delivery business model. Some of the tactics to employ here include buying the items required locally and delivering to the customer within the same geographical location. You can also have high-volume delivery trucks stationed in high-traffic areas for storage while smaller trucks deliver. The objective is to reduce the amount of time spent by the items in transit, ensuring that they get to the customer as fresh and possible. 

Temperature Monitoring

It also helps to have delivery trucks fitted with automated temperature monitoring systems. They adjust the temperature automatically whenever it surges beyond a value that is unsuitable for the products. Essentially, temperature monitoring eliminates manual intervention by the operators to make the systems more reliable.  

Reach out to a local refrigerated delivery service to learn more.

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