Different Types of Tow Trucks

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If you are a vehicle owner, then chances of you needing a tow truck are significantly high. Tow trucks are all different, and before you call for one, you should consider the needs of your car and your budget. Your car's driving system determines which tow truck you need. There are different types of tow trucks, including the following:

Flatbed tow truck

It is also referred to as the rollback tow truck. It is the best choice for towing needs. This is because it has a flat-top truck bed with a system that can move the bed up and down for easy loading and off-loading. This is a convenient form of truck towing, as it does not cause damage to the car by dragging it. The car is stagnantly fastened to the bed in comparison to being dragged with the other types of towing. The car is placed on the ramp through driving or hoisting using a winch and fastened properly. Even with a towed vehicle, the flatbed tow truck can move very fast. The only disadvantage of this type of towing is the length of time taken to secure the vehicle to the flatbed. In consideration to the safety of your vehicle, the time is worth the wait.

Hook-and-chain tow truck

This type of truck towing is not popular today because it involves dragging the vehicle on its wheels. The process of dragging the vehicle results in damage to the front part of the car. For the towing process to happen, a chain is fastened underneath the car's frame, which is then dragged by a boom winch. As this type of towing drags the vehicle, it is possible that it can bump into objects that damage it. The hook also causes some damage to the vehicle. It is only suitable for wrecked cars. They will damage the drivetrain of all-wheel drive and four-wheel drive vehicles.

Wheel-lift tow truck

Wheel-lift tow trucks tow the vehicles through a dragging process but with minimal damage to the vehicle. While a hook-and-chain truck employs chains, this truck functions by using metal yokes. The towing service ties the metal yoke to the vehicle's front wheels, which lifts the vehicle off the ground to reduce damage caused by towing. The hydraulic system of the truck will work to lift the vehicle, resulting in a stable tow. It also does not have a hook that can damage the vehicle.

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