Possible Reasons Why Your Automotive Air Conditioner Is Acting Up

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Air conditioning problems in your house are highly stressful. And you may not think much about your automotive air conditioner during the cooler month, but once the summer or winter rolls around and it is dysfunctional, driving can become incredibly uncomfortable. What some motorists are unaware of is the fact that they should have their car's AC maintained the same way they are vigilant about servicing the vehicle itself. Overlooking AC upkeep allows for issues cropping up that could have been easily avoided. Listed below are some of the possible reasons why your automotive air conditioner is acting up.

The refrigerant levels are low

One of the typical reasons why you may need automotive air conditioner repair is depleted refrigerant. This depletion will usually happen due to lack of maintenance, which can easily be remedied by refilling the refrigerant. However, the diminished refrigerant can also be caused by a leak in the system, and this will require professional repair from your auto mechanic. It is crucial to have the air conditioning system assessed on a bi-annual basis, more so after the summer, so that your mechanic can investigate potential damages.

There is too much moisture

When your air conditioning is turned on, the inside of your car should feel cool. When you start to experience humidity, it means that there is moisture accumulating inside the system. Excessive moisture can be attributed to clogs due to debris inside the AC. You should never tamper with the system on your own. Instead, you should have your mechanic inspect the system, eliminate the debris and clean out the air conditioning if you are to remain cool inside your vehicle.

There is too much heat

If the air in your vehicle is becoming hotter, rather than cooling when the AC is on, it is likely that the condenser is compromised. The air conditioning's condenser functions to cool down the vapours of the refrigerant so that cool air is transferred into your car. One of the causes of this is dirt collecting on top of the condenser, which limits its ability to work. Fortunately, having your mechanic clean the condenser will solve this problem right away. Alternatively, your air conditioning will not transmit cool air if the condenser is broken altogether. Broken condensers need replacing, so it will be imperative to seek automotive air conditioner repair.

There are foul smells

Odours should never emanate from your vehicle's AC. The moment that you notice noxious smells whenever you turn on the air conditioning, it should alert you to organisms such as mould or bacteria growing inside the system. The cure for this is having your mechanic flush the system to restore your AC's air quality.

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