Three Audible Signs Your Exhaust System Needs Attention

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A car exhaust system does the thankless job of moving burnt combustion gases away from your engine and out into the open air behind your car. As a first-time vehicle owner, you have concerns because recently your exhaust system sounds different than it used to. There are three distinct audible signs that your exhaust system needs attention, and if you can identify which one your automotive is making, then you can explain your problem clearly to an exhaust repairman. So, which one of these sounds is your car producing?

Does The Exhaust Roar?

If your car previously purred like a kitten but now roars like a lion as you drive, then the issue likely lies in your muffler. The exhaust muffler encases a series of tubes, and these tubes are designed to dull the sound waves that originate from your engine. There is a limit set by each state for how loud a car can be. For example, in New South Wales for a car built after 1 January 1983, the noise limit is 90 decibels. If your car is louder than this, then you face a fine. Your muffler does the job of keeping your vehicle noise under this limit. If the tubes within the muffler crack, then it no longer contains the sound waves, and this is the cause of your now loud car. A roaring exhaust means you need your muffler replaced, and you can purchase one at your local automotive store.

Does The Exhaust Hiss?

If you hear a hissing sound while driving your car, then you either have a snake onboard or you have a leak in your exhaust system. The leak could be in any part of your exhaust system, but common culprits include within the exhaust pipe that runs under the length of your vehicle or in the exhaust manifold. The manifold is the part of your exhaust system where the pipes attached to your engine converge to one point to connect to the exhaust pipe. A crack here means the manifold needs replacement.

Does The Exhaust Rattle?

A rattle beneath your car while driving means one of the support brackets holding the exhaust in place has broken off. This is the least expensive of the three problems outlined, as only the bracket needs replacement. If you have some mechanical expertise, you can purchase the exhaust mount bracket at an automotive store and replace it yourself, as you only need a crescent wrench for the task.

Now that you know what each of these sounds represents, you can determine where the issue is in your exhaust system and how you are going to get it fixed.

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