Crane Hire: Here's What You Didn't Know About Choosing the Right Crane

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Thinking of hiring a crane for an upcoming construction job? Cranes help to make light work of heavy lifting tasks that would take a lot of time to do manually. Unfortunately, choosing the right crane for your job isn't as simple as renting just any crane. What you settle for can impact the success of your project in a big way, so you need to choose well.

Besides knowing the load capacity of the machine needed for the job, there are other considerations you'll need to make when deciding on which type of crane to rent. Here are a few crucial ones to include in your checklist.

Work Site Conditions

The conditions of the terrain you'll be working on can influence your choice of a crane. For instance, you'll want to make sure the ground your machine will be moving on is firm and stable enough to support the weight of the machine. For applications where the ground is firm and stable, you can use cranes on wheels to allow easy mobility at the work site. But if the ground is uneven or unstable, you may need to choose a crawler crane with a spread-out base to boost stability in rough terrains and minimise the risk of a tip-over. 

Safety Features

Safety is another crucial thing to think about when choosing a rental crane. Does the machine you want to rent have vital safe access features such as grab rails, ladders and footholds? Do the window and windscreen design ensure the crane operator's visibility at all times? A good crane should have safety features in place to minimise operator-errors during crane operation.

Power Sources

The different types of industrial cranes out there perform the same kind of work, but they're not powered the same way. The smallest models typically use electricity while larger, higher load capacity machines tend to use diesel and other fuel sources. For applications where the power and scale of fuel-powered cranes aren't needed, electric cranes are an economical choice. 

Having the right crane for your project is critical to getting the job done correctly and safely. If you review the above-highlighted points before deciding which type of crane to rent, you should be able to find the best machine for your project. If you need help choosing the right crane hire for your job, don't hesitate to consult the customer service reps at a crane rental service.

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