Benefits of Using Specialised Castors in a Medical Setting

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When you are working in a medical setting, such as an assisted living facility, the right castors can be vital. If you have control over the castors and which types are purchased for different equipment, then you might want to consider upgrades to specialised castors. Here are a few benefits to making this upgrade and what you need to know about each one.

Corrosion Resistant Options

One of the leading benefits to specialised castors is the corrosion resistance. This is vital in a medical setting where the temperature in different areas can change. It is also vital for equipment that may need to be placed in a bathroom, shower stall area or similar room. Most traditional castors do not have this feature making them open to rust, corrosion and breaking down. This can cause damage to equipment and possible injury to the person operating the device that is on the castors. Specialised options avoid these hazards. The castors are usually made out of a corrosion- and rust-resistant material, such as stainless steel and other metals. 

Self Adjusting

When you have automated carts and equipment, a traditional castor can be a problem. The main issue is that some castors may not adjust as they go around corners or move in and out of rooms. This can cause the equipment to hang up and cause damage to the equipment or to the walls. A specialised option is self-adjusting. They move with the equipment and can turn automatically as needed, even in tighter spaces and corners. This gives a smoother movement and offers a safer handling of the load the equipment and castors are carrying.

Temperature Resistance

Medical facilities have areas that may be incredibly cold or incredibly hot. These temperature changes are due to medical needs and different treatments for patients. There are some areas of certain medical facilities that may have freezer storage areas. If this is the case, a regular castor may not be able to handle the extreme temperatures and changes. A specialised castor is made to withstand these temperature changes easily without damage.

These are just a few of the reasons that you should consider upgrading to specialised castors in a medical setting. If you are ready to make this upgrade, contact your tire and wheel supplier for more options. They can help with pricing, ordering, and with installation as well. They can also help you with upgrades from your current castors.

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